Sunday, January 30, 2011

Multiple Image Resizer .NET

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Multiple Image Resizer .NET allows you to process individual images or folders of images. You can resize, add borders, crop, overlay text, overlay images and rotate/flip images. MIR .NET handles a variety of input and output image formats. Includes batch image processing via command line using scripting language, multi-core processor support to speed up image processing, multi-language interface, three interface themes, full help documentation, and built-in update checking feature.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

What's New in version

Fixed a long standing problem with the output quality of GIF image files. Images processed and saved as GIF's are no longer grainy/poor quality.Added the ability for the software to read/open Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2 profiles.Added /maxparallel command line argument to allow users some degree of control of multi-core processing (see Help file for more information).

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