Thursday, February 17, 2011

Add-on browser free record image and text of each page you visit

by r. schifreen

If you search on the web, it is sometimes useful to be able to go back through the pages you've visited.  Your standard browser history feature helps, of course, but only stores the addresses of visited pages instead of their content. Therefore, if you suddenly need account back to this site offering 25% off printer ink and don't remember his name, is not easy.

Here is a response to the problem in the form of a free browser for IE and Firefox Add-on.  He called Hooeey Webprint and you get  As mentioned, it runs under IE and Firefox, and it is only a 1 MB download.  If also requires Adobe AIR, which is another 12 MB, if you don't have it.

Once you have installed Webprint, you will find a new button in the browser menu.  Whenever you want to view or search your archive, just press.  Not only you see a photograph of each page you've visited, but the text is searchable too.  If in the example above, we could simply search for "25 %", and we are on the page you are looking for.

For more free program Hooeey offers a Pro version which costs $ 5 per month.  To do this, you get store browser history in the cloud rather than on your machine, so you can choose to share with others.  Personally, I think I prefer the version free and private.

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