Thursday, February 17, 2011

A fascinating new take PIM and mind-map

by r. schifreen

I am always looking for the ultimate personal information manager.  Not enough I know what I'm looking, even though I know that I haven't yet found.  TreePad ( is probably the closest, but is still not 100% satisfied.  When you are planning a large project, there is still no solution tech can beat beat a deck of cards are blank around a table or a load of yellow sticky notes on the wall.

If you are the same, then here's the PIM/Mindmap idea take on a new novel.  He called Treesheets and is essentially a cross between a worksheet, organizer, mindmap and many others.  It is difficult to describe exactly what it does, except that it is very easy to create tables nested inside of tables and use them to help organize your data.

If you think that perhaps what you are looking for all these years, go to and try it.  It is only a 3 MB download, and is completely free.  In addition, the live tutorial that starts when you load the program you are familiar with the main concepts in minutes.

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