Monday, February 7, 2011

LiberKey 5.1.0201

Liberkey is a collection of portable apps in a variety of categories that can be run on your local PC or from any portable media. Take these important apps with you and use on any computer.

LiberKey is a complete application platform for local or portable use. It allows you tomanage your applications quickly and without skill.

Installation of an application from LiberKey catalog is done with 2 clicks but you can easily addany other application.

After LiberKey 5.x installation, the user has the choice to install Ultimate, Standard orBasic suites (so always updated) or to define its own suite with the online catalog.


A menu with advanced features which allows you to organize and manage yourapplications. (categories creation, shortcuts, tabs/menus, smart search, drag-n-drop, andmore).floatting menus for quick access from your desktopPortable files associations : You can open files and protocols (http, ftp, mailto, etc)with the application of your choicePortable desktop shorcuts : shortcuts to your applications are placed on the desktopand removed when your exit LiberKeyAutomatic online updates (LiberKey platform and applications of the catalog) whichallows you to be always and easily up to dateSynchronization with the online catalog and much more...LiberKey Ultimate includes 307 free programs in the following categories: AudioCD/DVDFile ManagementGraphics Internet Network Office SecuritySystem UtilsVideo

View all 307 programs available in this package.

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