Saturday, February 5, 2011

A quick way to install dozens of free applications

If you configure a new PC, or feels like a big weekly-fest, could save considerable time.  Homepage contains a list of about 80 of the most popular free applications for Windows, including applications for web browser such as Skype, messaging, multimedia players such as Spotify and Songbird, security tools the image viewers and more.  Just tick the boxes for applications such as much as you want, then download your custom Setup program which will be prepared for you.

Setup, which is usually less than 0.5 MB and will do all the work for you.  Just to start work, sit and it will automatically download and install all selected programs so that they are ready to operate.  Watch real time and is completely free. But no need to register.

The install program runs on Windows XP and later and automatically takes care to ensure that downloads the correct version of each application, for example, if you need any 32 or 64-bit.


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