Sunday, February 6, 2011

RJ TextEd 7.10

RJ TextEd is a text editor that uses syntax highlighting for any type of files. The editor uses syntax definition files to recognize keywords, tags, strings and other items that you want highlighted in the text. RJ TextEd is a Unicode editor capable of loading and saving ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode big endien files.

The editor can use class auto completion, tag auto completion and hints to assist in editing your source files. The documents can be saved encrypted using strong encryption (twofish) or as html with syntax coloring. The editor does not only handle source code. It also handles true ASCII files, binary files and of course plain text files. RJ TextEd also uses language files to display menus and dialogs in different languages. The included languages are English and Swedish. New language files can easily be created in the editor.

The editor also has a side-bar on the left side with two explorer pages, a user menu and FTP page. The items displayed in the user menu are also loaded from the syntax definition files. With the FTP view you can connect to a FTP site and edit or upload a file.

For recognizing different programming languages the editor uses syntax definition files. These can be created in the RJ TextEd manually or with the Syntax Editor.

The syntax editor is included to aid you in editing or creating syntax definition files. These files holds information about which keywords, tags or other words to highlight using different colors or text attributes. They also hold information about auto completion lists, hints and what is shown in the user menu. The keywords and other text displayed in auto completion lists and the user menu does not have to be in English. Unicode is supported.

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