Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stunning, Free Web App converts PDF book folding Flash

Update. January 2011-12: 29 by r. schifreen

Take a look at the screenshot below.  Is an excerpt from a web page, showing an e-Book I was navigation.  As you can see in the corner winding, you can turn pages by clicking.  And in this case, smooth animation, full page is really superb. Everything is done with Flash.

Now, here's the clever part.  If you wish to make an e-Book that works only in this way, you can.  Free of charge.  Take any PDF file that is larger than 10 MB, download at and your site will do the rest.  Within seconds, the converted file will be ready for download in the form of a compressed collection of html and flash files.  You can browse locally on your computer with a standard web browser, or download the results of your Web site, if you want to give your visitors the full experience.

There are a handful of commercial products that can convert PDF files into folding books based on Flash, but they cost more than $100.  This sounds very impressive to me and is totally free to use.


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