Monday, February 7, 2011

TaskUnifier 0.7.0

TaskUnifier is a task management sofware based on the well known GTD (Getting Things Done) method. TaskUnifier helps you manage your tasks, folders, contexts and goals.


Multiplatform - TaskUnifier is a java software which means that you can use it on any operating system with a JVM (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, ...)Synchronize - Synchronize your tasks with ToodledoFolders - Use folders to organize your tasks by projectsContexts - Use contexts to organize your tasks depending on your where you are and what you can do at your current locationGoals - Use goals to help you achieve some goals by executing specific tasks Subtasks - You can divide some big tasks into multiple subtasksTags - Your tasks can have one or more tagsThemes - TaskUnifier is provided with a lot a themesLanguage - TaskUnifier is translated in English and in FrenchProxy - If you are being a proxy it is not a problem

Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.


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