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Three tips to save time for managing files and folders

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Everyone likes to save time and here are three ways to get the tasks of files and folders faster.

Manage Windows Explorer Favorites in Windows Vista/7.

Explorer Windows contains a box on the left side of the implementation of shortcuts to folders that use often. In Windows 7, the area is near the top of the left pane, and it is called "Favorites". In Vista, is called "favorite links". Add or remove the link is very easy. To add a link, just drag a folder in the right pane in the connection area. To remove a shortcut, right click and choose "delete" (Windows 7) or "Delete link" (Vista). This also applies to Windows Open/Save dialog box.

Various bookmarks are actually shortcuts stored in a folder named "links". For more details on managing Favorites, see this article.

Rename files quickly in Windows Vista/7

Do you ever need to rename a bunch of files? Here is a quick way to do so. Personally, I find "list" view better for this operation.

Select the first file you want to renamePress the key function of the new file F2Type in the namePress the "Tab" key desired. Not press "enter" Windows automatically selects the full name of the following file, which allows you to type on the old name. If you do not want to rename the file, press the tab key and the following file will be the new selectedType desired name and press the tab key. Repeat until you reach the last file that you want to rename.When it was renamed the last file, press "Enter" button to perform the operation.

Note that after you rename a file, you can move to a new place in the list, depending on your settings. If this occurs, and a file suddenly appears in your list, simply press Tab to move to the next file.

Quickly access files frequently used in Windows 7

Right click on the icon in Explorer. A list of the most frequently used folders and libraries is given on the shortcut menu.

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