Friday, February 4, 2011

Tips and tricks for Linux Mint after installation

Linux Mint is only the fourth most widely used operating systems worldwide after Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu, such as distribution.

Although it is a system based on Ubuntu, Linux Mint features a single panel background that seems closest to the taskbar Windows system, start menu and a well organized with a search box very practical. Pre-installed some proprietary software, including Adobe Flash plugin and necessary media codecs by default, so you can view the streaming media, such as video in a browser from YouTube and play mp3, mp4 or other media with a player immediately out of the box.

If you supplied with Gnome desktop environment by default, installed on your PC, Linux Mint, you'll find these tips and tricks for working with the system.

Note: the procedure in this article works with Linux Mint 8.

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PanelPin programs for fully transparent PanelSet PanelSet preferences for font SuperbarChange MenuEnable boot Windows 7 and Commission ClockGet Thunderbird Mail NotificationWindowOpen Up a color window through a WindowCustomize of the CenterRoll icons SnapDesktopHide Drive ThemeSet Aero EffectEnable Windows 7 Aero Glass on DesktopEnable "turn the cube" origins of EffectChange AutomaticallyFile ManagerSet default display in the file ManagerCreate, a ShortcutsAdd of ManagerKeyboard of Advanced file or change keyboard ShortcutsTerminate ProgramsRe-start system blocks without sound or Login RebootingSoundSet OutputDisable SoundAdd fonts, Screenlets and more SoftwareInstall Extra FontsInstall ScreenletsAdd more useful to SoftwareDrive drive and mount PartitionAuto to mount a DriveName StartupManually system or label a USB PartitionStartup and ShutdownAuto ApplicationSynchronize, system startup and startup DateChange old ricercaNascondi MenuAuto startup for the Linux kernel by default, clean shutdown


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